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Postanak države i prvi oblici policijske organizacije u starom veku

dc.creatorZekavica, Radomir
dc.description.abstractState formation involves a long historical period. At the beginning of this period, the first forms of military-political institutions of power were formed. The first forms of police function and organization should also be sought within these institutions. The first forms of police authority and organization had the function of protecting the political order of the government. By the time it would also get its contemporary dimension and segment - combating against various forms of deviant behaviour of individuals and protecting the legal order. Fully functional and organizational separation of the police came in a modern epoch, with the emergence of modern state administration, but the first forms of police function can be identified at the very beginning of the emergence and development of the state. Of course, this conclusion implies that the police function is viewed as the function that serves to preserve the legal order through law enforcement. Only in this way it is possible to recognize it in all the authorities that performed such a function, regardless of whether it is a specialized body or the first, rudimentary forms of power within primitive societies. However, only by the emergence of civilization and the first cities-states, and then the empire, there is a clear indication of the differentiated structure of state power, and within it the structure of state administration. In this segment, the first specialized organs of executive power appear, who get the role that can still be recognized as a police function in modern society.en
dc.description.abstractPostanak države obuhvata dug istorijski period na čijem početku su se formirali prvi oblici vojno-političkih institucija vlasti. U okviru ovih institucija treba tražiti i prve pojavne oblike policijske funkcije i organizacije. Potpuno funkcionalno i organizaciono izdvajanje policije usledilo je u modernoj epohi, s pojavom moderne državne uprave, ali prve oblike policijske funkcije moguće je prepoznati već na samom početku pojave i razvoja države. U radu se analizira postanak države i prvih oblika policijske vlasti u predržavnom periodu, a zatim se analizira pojava policijskih organa vlasti u državama starog veka, njihovi oblici i funkcija koju su
dc.publisherKriminalističko- policijska akademija, Beograd
dc.relationProjekat Kriminalističko-policijske akademije: Kriminalitet u Srbiji i instrumenti državne reakcije
dc.sourceNauka, bezbednost, policija
dc.subjectpolice organizationen
dc.subjectancient Greeceen
dc.subjectRoman Empireen
dc.subjectpolicijska organizacijasr
dc.subjectantička Grčkasr
dc.subjectRimska imperijasr
dc.titleState formation and police organization in ancient worlden
dc.titlePostanak države i prvi oblici policijske organizacije u starom vekusr
dcterms.abstractЗекавица, Радомир; Постанак државе и први облици полицијске организације у старом веку; Постанак државе и први облици полицијске организације у старом веку;
dc.citation.other23(1): 1-14

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