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dc.creatorMaravić-Cisar, Sanja
dc.creatorPinter, Robert
dc.creatorVojnić, Viktor
dc.creatorTumbas, Vanja
dc.creatorČisar, Petar
dc.description.abstractThe Bologna system makes class attendance mandatory. Recording attendance is inefficient and takes up too much class time especially with larger groups of students. If a professor records student attendance manually, they have to look at student, write it down and go to the next student. If the check takes five minutes of a 45-minute class, that means the teachers lose approximately 10 percent of the class just on attendance instead spending it on teaching. The majority of students have some kind of smart device and these can be used to make an application so that students can log in their attendance. One possible solution for this is the application called Muffin. Muffin consists of a mobile application that students have on their personal mobile devices, an Arduino Uno board with Bluetooth module, and a desktop application. The basic idea is that when students want to log in their attendance, all they need to do is send some log in data to the Arduino board, which is then forwarded to the application on the desktop PC that is directly connected to the board.en
dc.publisherIEEE, New York
dc.source2016 IEEE 14th international symposium on intelligent systems and informatics (SISY)
dc.titleSmartphone Application for Tracking Students' Class Attendanceen
dcterms.abstractМаравић-Цисар, Сања; Тумбас, Вања; Војнић, Виктор; Пинтер, Роберт; Чисар, Петар;
dc.citation.other: 227-231

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