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Angažovanje specijalnih jedinica u svedimenzionalnim operacijama

dc.creatorSubošić, Dane
dc.description.abstractThe Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Serbia has a relatively rare praxis to optimize the process by the application of method of the operational research, on the other hand, there has been a great need for obtaining the certain goals, with due respect to some certain limitations, i.e. the consumption of certain resource, as a criteria of optimization. The contribution to planning by the application of the methods of the operation research has been illustrated by algorhythms of the linear programming in the solution of the problems of transportation. Although the algorhythms seem very complex, its application is simple in praxis since it is achieved by the usage of software package, which is also presented in this work. Since every activity must contain the scientific elements aiming to its own validity, thus the presented methods (as all other) must be applied to the process of decision making, particularly in the phase of planning.en
dc.description.abstractPolazište u radu je stav da su specijalne jedinice i svedimenzionalne operacije kompatibilni pojmovi sa stanovišta forme i sadržaja sukoba niskog intenziteta. Učešće specijalnih jedinica u svedimenzionalnim operacijama razrađuje se razmatranjem angažovanih snaga, njihovim ciljevima, mestom i ulogom u okviru civilno - vojnog tima nadležnog za realizaciju pojedinih vrsta operacija. Pri tome, svaka vrsta operacija razmatra se kao relativno samostalna celina. Struktura rada simetrična je operacionalizaciji razmatranog
dc.publisherMinistarstvo unutrašnjih poslova Republike Srbije, Beograd
dc.sourceBezbednost, Beograd
dc.subjectthe problems of transportationen
dc.subjectthe linear programmingen
dc.subjectthe operational researchen
dc.subjectspecijalne jedinicesr
dc.subjectsvedimenzionalne operacijesr
dc.subjectsukob niskog intenzitetasr
dc.titleThe application of the linear programming method to the solution to the problems of transportation in the police activityen
dc.titleAngažovanje specijalnih jedinica u svedimenzionalnim operacijamasr
dcterms.abstractСубошић, Дане; Aнгажовање специјалних јединица у сведимензионалним операцијама; Aнгажовање специјалних јединица у сведимензионалним операцијама;
dc.citation.other44(3): 477-492

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