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      The police in the protection of human rights and civil liberties [1]
      The position and role of the victim in criminal investigations of rape [1]
      The possibilities and challenges of UAV implementation in Serbian police [1]
      The possibilities and limitations of general risk assessment of domestic violence by application of the matrices of probability and consequences [1]
      The Possibilities and Limitations of Individual Risk Assessment of Domestic Violence by Application of the Matrices of Probability and Consequences [1]
      The power and impotence of crisis management in facing modern crisis [1]
      The practical aspects of use of certain police powers and duties [1]
      The principle of transparency in police activities against crime [2]
      The principle of universal criminal jurisdiction [1]
      The principles and standards of combatting trafficking in human beings in the Republic of Serbia [1]
      The problem of depleted uranium as the issue of environmental security [1]
      The problems facing the law enforcement authority as a party in the misdemeanor procedure [1]
      The quantitative analysis of the temporal and spatial distribution in cases of motor vehicle theft in Belgrade [1]
      The reach and perspectives of scientific knowledge in prevention of juvenile delinquency [1]
      The reform of pelanty system for the purpose of combating crime [1]
      The relationship between Christianity and homosexuality from the perspective of The Queen James Bible: Ideological or scientific correctly? [1]
      The relationship between educational level and citizen preparedness to respond to natural disasters [1]
      The relationship between Serbia and Montenegro and the organization Partnership for Peace [1]
      The relationship between success in basic skiing instruction and dimensions of isometric knee extensor muscle force in students at Police academy [1]
      The reliability of forensic methods to detect gunshot residue on the hands of suspects [1]