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      Characteristics of neuromuscular function of top karate-athletes of different specialization [1]
      Characteristics of shooting efficiency during a basic shooting training program involving police officers of both sexes [1]
      Characterization and potential application of dextran-based biopolymer powder obtained from Hydrangea macrophylla liquid anthocyanins extract by ultrasonic extraction [1]
      Chitosan And Dextran Based Powders – The Preparation, Performance Comparison and Potential Application in Forensic Examination of Latent Fingermarks [1]
      Chitosan crosslinked microparticles with encapsulated polyphenols: Water sorption and release properties [1]
      Chitosan microbeads for encapsulation of thyme (Thymus serpyllum L.) polyphenols [1]
      Chitosan-based micropowders for the development of latent fingermarks – the effect of biopolymer concentration on powder properties [1]
      Classification of natural disasters between the legislation and application: experience of the Republic of Serbia [1]
      Classifications of rape relevant for criminalistics [1]
      Climate change and national defense [1]
      Clustering of Road Traffic Accidents as a Gestalt Problem [1]
      Code Hunt - "Hunting" to Learn Programming [1]
      Cognitively Economical Heuristic for Multiple Sequence Alignment under Uncertainties [1]
      Collecting information in the communal police units in the Yugoslav criminal procedural law: A historical review [1]
      Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women – monitoring or quasi judicial functions [1]
      Community policing and domestic violence [1]
      Community Policing and Local Self-Government: A Case Study of Serbia [1]
      Community policing implementation in the Republic of Serbia: A view from the managers's perspective [1]
      Community Policing in Indigenous Communities - Serbia [1]
      Community policing in Serbia: between tradition and contemporary challenges [1]