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      Main characteristics of new law of delict [1]
      Main directions in suppression of drug-related crimes [1]
      Main features of fire fighting interventions carried out by Belgrade Fire and Rescue Brigade [1]
      Main hearing according to the new Serbian Criminal Procedure Code: Survey in practice [1]
      Maksima ne bis in idem i pravna sigurnost u krivičnom pravu : Analiza prakse ESLjP i Ustavnog suda Srbije [1]
      Malicious software [1]
      Managing environmental resources [1]
      Mandatory character of court rulings and their execution according to new Serbian Law on administrative disputes [1]
      Manifestation of maximal isometric muscle strength among selected female handball players of different ages [1]
      Mapiranje kriminala u funkciji problemski orijentisanog rada policije [1]
      Mapiranje kriminala u funkciji unapređenja partnerskih odnosa policije i zajednice [1]
      Mapiranje kriminaliteta i mogućnosti unapređenja policijske prakse [1]
      Marital status of citizens and floods: Citizen preparedness for response to natural disasters [1]
      Masculinity in the professions [1]
      Maskulinitet u profesijama [1]
      Matematički SIR model epidemijskih vanrednih situacija [1]
      Matrični pristup u istraživanju privrednog kriminala - teorijsko praktični model [1]
      Matrix based approach to the investigation of economic crime: Theoretical and practical model [1]
      Measurement of effects in prevention of corruption [1]
      Measures for prevention of domestic violence and for protection of victims in Serbia’s legal system with special reference to emergency measures [1]