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      Career development of police officers in the Republic of Serbia [1]
      Carinski organi u funkciji suzbijanja sive ekonomije [1]
      Catalyzed Ester Synthesis Using Candida rugosa Lipase Entrapped by Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-itaconic Acid) Hydrogel [1]
      Cathepsin B: A sellsword of cancer progression [2]
      Causality application in the trace analysis of a committed criminal act [1]
      Cerebral edema in drug addicts [1]
      Certain aspects of provoding use of police units in actions of protection and rescuing in case of natural disasters [1]
      Certain aspects of security science methodological bases [1]
      Certain characteristics of minors – members of supportrs’ groups in the Republic of Serbia [1]
      Challenges in electronic commerce from the aspect of protecting personal data stored in certain databases and digital forensics [1]
      Challenges of contemporary predictive policing [1]
      Challenges to identity in the context of terrorist attack in Paris 2015 [1]
      Changes at repetitive strength of different muscle groups at academy of criminalistic and police studies students during first three years of studies [1]
      Characteristics of Illegal Laboratories for Marijuana Production in Serbia [2]
      Characteristics of infrastructural systems [1]
      Characteristics of isometric muscle force of back extensors with differently trained and non-trained students of the Academy of Criminalistic and Police Studies [1]
      Characteristics of neuromuscular function of top karate-athletes of different specialization [1]
      Characteristics of shooting efficiency during a basic shooting training program involving police officers of both sexes [1]
      Characterization and potential application of dextran-based biopolymer powder obtained from Hydrangea macrophylla liquid anthocyanins extract by ultrasonic extraction [1]
      Chitosan And Dextran Based Powders – The Preparation, Performance Comparison and Potential Application in Forensic Examination of Latent Fingermarks [1]