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      Hand grip scaling in defining risk factors when using authorized physical force [1]
      Handbook of research on democratic strategies and citizen-centered e-government services [1]
      Hardness and assessment of adhesion of monolayer and multilayer nickel thin films electrochemically deposited on silicon substrates with and without the ultrasonic agitation [1]
      Harmonizacija evropskih modela obuke granične policije [1]
      Harmonization of European models of border police training [1]
      Hate Speech in Migrant-Related Cases – Analysis of Occurence in Serbian Discourse [1]
      Health and safety of athletes in Serbia [1]
      Hearing of suspect in criminal proceedings legislations of individual European countries [1]
      Heat exchange through composite walls [1]
      Hematological, oxidative stress, and immune status profiling in elite combat sport athletes [1]
      Heuristic scanning and sandbox approach in malware detection [1]
      Higher police education in Serbia: state and the level of harmonization with European standards [1]
      Hipsometrijski položaj i izdašnost izdani pod pritiskom u Smederevskom Podunavlju [1]
      Historical development of special police units in the Republic of Serbia [1]
      Homonimija i polisemija na primerima engleskog jezika policijske struke [1]
      Homonimy and polysemy illustrated by examples of English for police purposes [1]
      Hooliganism and media images in the risk society [1]
      Household supplies for natural disaster: factor of influence on the possession of supplies [1]
      How an eight-month period without specialized physical education classes affects the morphological characteristics and motor abilities of students of the Academy of Criminalistic and Police Studies [1]
      How do I smell? The potential of body odor in human personal identification [1]