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Milan Brdar, Science and truth

dc.creatorАндрић, Санела
dc.description.abstractУ раду је дат приказ књиге Наука и истина аутора Милана Брдара.sr
dc.description.abstractA significant part of the book Science and Truth by Milan Brdar is dedicated to the problems of the philosophy of social sciences, while the general philosophical approach is adapted to the transformational flows of contemporary philosophy. The author brings into heuristic relationships various philosophical traditions, with a critical tone of the Anglo-Saxon tradition of philosophy of science. Namely, the author critically examines the basic directionsin the philosophy of science, but not in terms of their validity and justification, but our understanding of the same is re-examined. The question is whether we have properly studied basic philosophical traditions and criticize “conventional” methodological approaches. Significant attention is focused on epochal changes in the philosophy of science and the need for new frameworks of the epistemological debate, away from the veil of abstraction and metaphysics, and approximated to the socio-historical circumstances of the emergence of knowledge. Instead of challenging traditional trends in philosophy, it is necessary to see what they can provide today in an era of contemporary philosophy.en
dc.publisherБеоград : Задужбина Андрејевићsr
dc.sourceСрпска наука данас / Serbian Science Todaysr
dc.subjectфилозофија наукеsr
dc.subjectнаука и истинаsr
dc.subjectисторија филозофије наукеsr
dc.subjectphilosophy of social sciencessr
dc.subjecttransformational flows of contemporary philosophysr
dc.titleМилан Брдар, Наука и истинаsr
dc.titleMilan Brdar, Science and truthen
dcterms.abstractAndrić, Sanela; Милан Брдар, Сциенце анд трутх; Милан Брдар, Сциенце анд трутх; Milan Brdar, Nauka i istina;

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