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Opportunities of using functional systems of the republic of serbia in defense of the country

dc.contributor.advisorMišović, Slobodan
dc.contributor.otherKilibarda, Zoran
dc.contributor.otherDrača, Dragan
dc.creatorGligorijević, Milan M.
dc.description.abstractДа би се остварио јединствени систем веза ВС, који би био обухватан и безбедан, а истовремено у функцији одбране Републике Србије, велики технолошки системи из области саобраћаја, везе, телекомуникација и информатике дужни су да ускладе те системе са потребама одбране земље
dc.description.abstractIn order to achieve a unified communications system of Serbian Armed Forces(SAF), which would be inclusive and safe, as well as functional for defence of Republicof Serbia, large technological systems in the area of traffic, connections,telecommunications and information are required to adjust those systems for needs ofcountry’s defense. A unique communication system, which is continuous and in state ofemergency can be supported by elements and infrastructure of external state systems isvery important condition for successful commanding of all forces in defense system.The fact that in recent years, large systems, such as the Ministry of Interior (MOI),Serbian Public Media Service (RTS), Serbian Railway (SR) have invested considerableefforts and material resources and developed their own independent communicationalsystems along the territory of our country, creates new possibilities for using suchfunctional systems in the defense of State.The work as subject of research sets the analysis of the possibility for usingfunctional communicating networks that MOI, SR, RTS and Industry of Electric Power(EPS) own and other holders of similar functional connections, for needs of defendingsystems of Republic of Serbia. In relation to the cited subject of studies, the main goalof this paper is to evaluate possibilities for establishing a continuous communicationssystem at SAF, in the time of war or the immediate danger of war, in which cases thesupport of given system would be based on functional systems of certain externalholders that are not inside SAF.The basic hypothesis of the paper is that the functional communicating systemsof MOI, SR, EPS, River Shipping, Republic Hydrometerological Service and otherholders, can provide a high level of support for ensuring continuity of communicationsystems for defense purposes. Basic as well as special hypotheses and objectives of thepaper were researched through multidisciplinary, theoretical and methodologicalapproach, and used methods were analyzing and comparing of the content, focusgroupinterviews, statistical analysis and modeling...en
dc.publisherУниверзитет у Београду, Факултет безбедностиsr
dc.sourceУниверзитет у Београдуsr
dc.subjectодбрана; војска; угроженост; текекомуникације; поверљивостsr
dc.subjectdefence; army; vulnerability; telecommunications; confidentiality,integrity; cryptography; integrationen
dc.titleМогућности употребе функционалних система веза Републике Србије у одбрани земљеsr
dc.titleOpportunities of using functional systems of the republic of serbia in defense of the countryen
dcterms.abstractМишовић, Слободан; Килибарда, Зоран; Драча, Драган; Глигоријевић, Милан М.; Mogućnosti upotrebe funkcionalnih sistema veza Republike Srbije u odbrani zemlje;

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