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Odnos hrišćanstva i homoseksualnosti iz perspektive - The Queen James Bible - ideološki ili naučno korektno?

dc.creatorZekavica, Radomir
dc.description.abstractThe paper discusses the relationship between Christianity and homosexuality through the analysis of the interpretation of the first 'gay Bible' -The Queen James Bible. The editors of The Queen James Bible offer their interpretation of biblical texts that are commonly used as an argument towards condemnation of homosexuality, and their main goal is to prevent homophobic interpretation of the Bible. However, such an aim is self-defeating and leads to a circular argument. The purpose of interpretation is to determine, as objective as possible, the original meaning and the purpose of texts intended by the authors, not to put interpretation in the service of contemporary, culturally biased agendas. In the end, such interpretation quite naturally achieves the anticipated meanings. Notwithstanding the fact that the resulting interpretation serves good purposes (in this case the purpose of preventing homophobic interpretations of the Bible), the methodology of this kind of approach can be categorized as ideological rather than objective and scientific. It seems that the interpretations of biblical texts that are offered in The Queen James Bible are ideologically motivated and have no support in sound biblical hermeneutics. The analysis of hermeneutical methodology suggests that the major concern of The Queen James Bible editors was not to offer an objective translation. For instance, some words were given different meanings and some parts of the original biblical text were not taken into a consideration and therefore are not appearing in the final product. The resulting translation of the Bible promotes a non-offending and rather auspicious attitude towards homosexuality which fits, or better say reflects, contemporary LGBT activist sentiments. In order to achieve this ideologically motivated translation, it seems that the implemented method must be free of the original intention of the authors these ancient texts, their original content and their original purpose. The author expresses his belief that, regardless of whether the Bible treats homosexuality as a sin or not, there is no reason why gay people should suffer intolerance. On the other hand, however, publication of deliberately inaccurate translations of the Bible that fit the LGBT agenda can be viewed by homophobic people as an argument for ideological appearance of the gay movement, which can actually increase the degree of homophobia. If the assimilation of gay people within the Christian model of society is the goal, then the strategy for reaching this goal should be based on values that are in ethical accord with Christianity, namely Christian love and tolerance. That is the only credible method in which LGBT population could ever hope to improve its status within Christian societies. Promotions of deliberately untrustworthy and disagreeable translations of the texts which Christians consider holy are not very helpful in achieving that goal.en
dc.description.abstractU radu se razmatra odnos hrišćanstva i homoseksualnosti kroz analizu interpretacije autora prve 'gej Biblije' - The Queen James Bible, koji su ponudili svoje viđenje i tumačenje onih tekstova u Bibliji koji se uobičajeno dovode u vezu sa homoseksualnošću i koji su do sada korišćeni kao argument u prilog njene osude sa stanovišta biblijskog učenja i hrišćanske etike. Autor iznosi uverenje da je po sredi ideološka, a ne objektivno i naučno utemeljena interpretacija, nudi argumente za svoj stav, daje prikaz mogućih tumačenja ovih tekstova i iznosi svoj stav o mogućem odnosu hrišćana prema homoseksualnosti sa stanovišta hrišćanske etike, kao i predlog moguće strategije gej aktivista za njihovo prihvatanje unutar hrišćanskog modela druš
dc.publisherSrpsko sociološko društvo, Beograd
dc.sourceSociološki pregled
dc.titleThe relationship between Christianity and homosexuality from the perspective of The Queen James Bible: Ideological or scientific correctly?en
dc.titleOdnos hrišćanstva i homoseksualnosti iz perspektive - The Queen James Bible - ideološki ili naučno korektno?sr
dcterms.abstractЗекавица, Радомир;
dc.citation.other50(2): 229-246

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