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dc.creatorRanđelović, Dragan
dc.creatorDolićanin, Ćemal
dc.description.abstractExperiments are used by scientists to affirm their hypothesis, these experiments are called tests in research, or to choose the best from available possibilities, these experiments are called valuations in research in which group belongs also optimal factor combination choice in one multifactor and often multivariate experiments. For decreasing influence ever present uncontrolled factors i.e. experimental error researchers make different plans. Mathematical instruments of most effective plans for experiment organization are possible to search on the basis of total random distribution, random block distribution and some special organized block distribution while they can most effectively represent complex multifactor and multivariate experiments. Statistic analysis for any experiment plan is very complex in the standard way with analysis of variance and multiple linear regression and especially in the case of the optimal factor combination choice. From other side multiple criteria analysis like modern science discipline enables an easier way to make analysis of results of one experiment just in the case of optimal factor combination choice of one multifactor and multivariate experiment. Therefore authors propose multiple criteria analysis application in analysis of experiment results and in this paper authors consider application of one subgroup of these methods, so called multi attribute decision methods, to which belong and ELECTRA method. One example of multiple attribute analysis application in analysis of results of one experiment is given in the end of this paper.en
dc.sourceInternational Journal of Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences
dc.subjectMulti attribute analysisen
dc.subjectMultifactor experimenten
dc.subjectMultiple linear regressionen
dc.titleThe methods of multi attribute analysis in application to assess optimal factor combination in one experimenten
dcterms.abstractДолићанин, Ћемал; Ранђеловић, Драган;
dc.citation.other3(1): 48-57

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