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      'Community policing' in the Republic of Serbia [1]
      'Policija u lokalnoj zajednici' u Republici Srbiji [1]
      'Seks-špijunaža' kao metod obaveštajno-bezbednosnih službi [1]
      'Sex-espionage' as a method of intelligence and security agencies [1]
      'Trash Intelligence' as a method in intelligence and security [1]
      ,,Hard-Core Human Rights’’ in practice of the Constitutional Court of Serbia and the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg : Constitutional-Court protection in criminal matter [1]
      ,,Tvrdo jezgro ljudskih prava’’ u praksi Ustavnog suda Srbije i Evropskog suda za ljudska prava u Strazburu : ustavnosudska zaštita u krivičnoj stvari [1]
      A comparative analysis of dangerous locations on the public roads in Serbia [1]
      A contemporary security problem: Racial postmoderna [1]
      A Framework for Delivering e-Government Support [1]
      A mathematical SIR model for epidemic emergency [1]
      A model of geo-topographic support for police units in reestablishing public order following large-scale violations [1]
      A novel chitosan gels: Supercritical CO2 drying and impregnation with thymol [1]
      A rapid method for the extraction of cannabionoids from cannabis sativa using microwave heating technique [1]
      A test of IDS application open source and commercial source [1]
      About non-governmental sector of the national security system: International and domestic experiences [1]
      About the legal nature of the institute for feature of assets, derived from criminal act [1]
      Academy of Criminalistic and Police Studies : 90 years of higher education police [1]
      Adaptive management of protection and rescue operations related to floods and torrents: Adapting to flood risk [1]
      Adaptivno upravljanje zaštitom i spasavanjem od poplava i bujica - prilagođavanje poplavnom riziku [1]